Carlton Morgan is an artist, performer and educator from Virginia Beach, USA. After completing his Bachelor degree in Sculpture and Extended Media at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2014, his work has been shown in Berlin, Stuttgart, New York, Washington DC and New Orleans. 
Mistress Morganna is the woman behind the man - a Hamburg drag queen who is making a name for herself with queer tarot readings and witchy vibez. She is a visual-spiritual project by the artist and protagonist of numerous video works and performances.


 2021 - Ich Bin Ganz Sicher Schon Einmal Hier Gewesen, Gallery Raum-Links-Rechts, Hamburg, Germany
2018 - Lobster Cult, ReTramp Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2016 - Landschaften, Seestücke, Portraits; Ortsmuseum, Schwieberdingen, Germany
Fischer auf der Nordsee; Brackenheim-Durrenzimmern, Germany
PrototYp II Mikrotheater; MS Stubnitz, Hamburg, Germany

Wilderness, Gallery 5, Richmond, VA
No Fit State, Richmond, VA
VCU Senior Exhibitions, Richmond, VA
Juried Exhibition, Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA
(Juror: Denise Markonish, curator at MASS MoCA)

Six Degrees of Separation, The Bishop Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Curating for a Cure, The Bishop Gallery, Brooklyn NY
Direct-2-Video II, Byrd Theatre, Richmond VA
Graphite Gallery Collection, New Orleans, LA

Exagéré Gallery Collection, New Orleans, LA

Ylellisyyttä Unelmat, Retramp Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Brain Massage, Parse Gallery, New Orleans, LA

Ada Gallery Collection, Richmond, VA
POP UP @ U ST, Affinity Lab, Washington DC
Banter: A Dialogue, L2 Lounge, Washington DC 

 Choke-Hole VS Hamburg Queens, September 2021, Kampnagel, Hamburg, Fonds Darstellende Künste eV 
3 Holey Queens, All Day Lipsync Caroling door to door in Drag. Kampnagel, Hamburg

Europe To-Go, 3 day performance as Red-light district sex worker, Kampnagel, Hamburg
Q Talk Time, YouTube Online stream as part of Hamburg Queer Film Festival

Call Me By My Name…, Astra Stube, Hamburg
Dragslot, Fusion, Lärz
Video-Performance für „Life is Queer”, Schrottgrenze,
Co-Host for „Queer Talk”, Queer B-cademy, Kampnagel, Hamburg
Rabenmuttertag, Frapant, Hamburg

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